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Video Services

Our Philosophy

Video Isn’t The Future.

Video Is Now!

If you are looking for a full-service video production company that specializes in dynamic business brand videos, you are in the right place.

Our animated videos help our corporate partners engage with their audience, inspiring the audience to act.

If you want call-to-action videos, explainer videos, and or videos for landing pages, we’re here to deliver you top notch results.

If you want business commercials, public relations videos, documentary films, and online branded content, you don’t have to look any further.

Call now 304-923-2013.

We love to make videos for top-level brands, non-profits, associations, media outlets and national networks.

If you want to produce creative and powerful content informed by your vision, Altrucon fully appreciates your goals.

If you want a professional video design team to handle the complete design of video, we’ll deliver you the complete package.

Our work has received local recognition, is honored by Beckley Services, and won other media mentions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others.

Our Mission

Dedicated Team.

Limitless Possibilities.

We understand video marketing strategy and that your brand image is your most valuable asset.

Our philosophy for creating engaging content remains consistent from sector to sector, and we shape that philosophy in countless ways.

Every brand has a specific audience with key themes that are most relevant to them.

It is our responsibility to make sure these themes are communicated clearly and meaningfully to make the most impact on your audience.

From the beginning, our team assigns a dedicated producer who directs the project from the kick-off call to the final delivery.

Altrucon collaborates with you to map out your creative vision for the piece, deciding on strategic techniques that will best tell your unique story.

Throughout the production and post-production process, we manage the logistics down to the detail.

We pride ourselves on our ability to connect with everyone we work with, drawing out the powerful storylines our clients expect.

Our post-production is conducted entirely in-house, where we leverage sharp, immersive sound design, refined color grading, natural sound bites, creative transitioning, and expertly blended music scores to bring the final product to life.

Contact us at 304-923-2013 to learn more.

Our Process

How do we create videos for our clients? It starts with a phone call.

Phone Call:
Hop on the phone with Allan and talk about your product/service & go over the goal of the video. Allan will answer all questions you might have about cost, process and timeline.
Script Writing:
We’ll start by collaborating on a script in a Google Document. This process usually takes 2 weeks and is the most important phase of the project. You’ll approve the script before we move to the next phase.
After script writing we’ll start sketching out a storyboard. The goal of a storyboard is for all parties to get on the same page about what the goal of the video production will be.
After storyboard is approved by the client we’ll move into moodboard. With your help we’ll pick an illustration direction. If you have a live action shoot this is where we’ll collaborate on choosing actors.
Video Production:
After the illustration direction is chosen we move into video production. This is where our production team starts cranking away on your illustrations and animation, and the shoot happens and gets edited into a rough cut for you.
Sound Design:
Together we audition voiceover artists and choose the right voice to deliver your message.
Rough Cut:
After a few weeks we’ll reemerge with a brand new video for you to preview. At the rough cut stage you might have a few tweaks to the animation, the speed of the video or something else. We’ll make you super happy.
Final Cut:
This is where everthing come together and you get to see your new video. We’ll make a final round of changes if needed but usually the client loves the video so much they’re giving us high-fives (via skype).
Party Time:
Your video is done, you’re ready to upload it. It’s time to celebrate and now you get to reap the rewards of this video investment.

Call now 304-923-2013.

How We Work

We “stop, collaborate and listen,” we mix your product & customer knowledge with our ability to craft words and dancing graphics to create a winning video.